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Chasco Sacco started in September 2012 at Changoi. It was registered by the outgrowers who are supplying tea to Changoi Factory. Currently we have expanded our operations to Mau Tea, Korara Highlands Tea Factory, TET Tea Factory farmers and Business people

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Chasco Sacco was founded in year 2012

Our Projects

Transition Process

Members will be advised about changes and the need to embrace the change and continue enjoying the services from the society. The following are available options.

Our Products

Change of pay point.

Members are advised to change their pay point to Chasco Sacco as that will be the only way they will be enjoying the services and inform them that, this is their financial initiative and they should build trust.

Members will be required to clear with their previous financial institution by writing a letter to Changoi requesting change of pay point to Chasco, this will be accompanied with clearance or release letter from the current institution.

Standing orders

Standing order is an instruction to the bank by an account holder to pay a set amount at regular intervals to another’s bank account.

Members who might have a challenge in changing their pay point can place irrevocable standing order instructions in their Sacco/banks.

Channeling produce through other partners

Currently, Chasco Sacco have partnered with other tea processors which include Mau tea, Korara Highlands, Bureti Tea Factory, Evergreen Tea and Tet tea factory. Other prospective partners include Sasini, Finlays and KTDA.

Buy-offs .

Members who have outstanding loan facilities in other financial institution might be hampered to change their pay point.   To counter this, the society is in the process of setting standards for buying off loans that our members have in other institution.