The sacco currently has a wider choice of products that suit the need of members. Over time, we have maintained the customer centric approach in improving the welfare of the members as well as availing the products with the lowest interest, which is competitive in the market and efficient on service delivery.

The following are the products that are currently available:

  • Long term loans with the rate of interest of 10% pa with repayment period of 3 years.
  • Short term loan includes the following;
  • School fees loans rate of interest is 10% pa with repayment period of 1 years
  • Emergency loans with interest rate of 10% pa with repayment period of 1 years

     c) The advances include:

  • One-month advance with interest of 10% per month
  • Three months’ advance with interest of 5% per month
  • Six months’ advance with interest of 3% per month
  • Holiday loan with interest rate of 1.5%. per month

The society also has business short term loans for the people who are in small and medium enterprise (SMES), who requires cashflow to boost the business, it includes the following.

  • Boresha chapchap 1 month with interest rate 15%.
  • Boresha chapchap 2 months with interest rate 10% per month
  • Boresha chapchap 4 months with interest rate 7.5% per month
  • Boresha chapchap 6 months with interest rate 6% per month